In November we released the new version of In December we released the iOS and Android apps to make seeing the training program even faster. Since then coaches and athletes have been collecting streams and streams of data within

With all this data coming into we are adding features to help visualise this data better and give quick and fast insights to both coaches and athletes to see what is going on in their training.

The new dashboard is a step towards providing information instantly to users.

What coaches see:

  • their training stats by week, month, year.
  • athletes training stats, by week, month, year.

Coaches dashboard training stats

What athletes see:

  • their training stats by week, month, year.
  • their morning monitoring stats by traffic lights and graphs.

Athlete dashboard showing Morning Monitoring

The dashboard continues to show the agenda and notifications that are flowing throughout the app.

Over the next few months, we will continue to iterate by adding more information to the dashboard for both athletes and coaches.

If you are interested in trying you can start today with our 30 day free trial by signing up or if you’d like a demo please contact