Over the last few months we have been working on automating data coming into Rowers. From today your sessions on GarminConnect, Polar Flow and Suunto Movescount will automatically appear in Rowers.

If you train with a heart rate monitor, with or without GPS this feature will be relevant to you. Many other apps also provide training scores but in Rowers there are 3 key reasons why every rower needs this.

Better Information

Rowers is the only platform in the world to offer a truly relevant training load score for rowing. We call it the ETS (Endurance Training Score). The calculations are based on the work done by Dr. Tony Rice (Read Tony’s Blog on the subject). With Tony’s help we have added the T2 score into Rowers.

You’ll get your ETS Score by simply importing your HR data into the platform.

Training Load over time

Now by getting a scientifically validated Training score for each session, it is possible to see what the loading profile for each athlete is over time. It makes it possible to put an objective marker on how hard an athlete has been training.

Up until now, having a robust measure of Training load for rowing training has been difficult. Firstly rowing is a power endurance sport plus rowers tend to use several different sports in their training as well as. The use of extended intervals in training programmes means that most other training load or training stress scores tend to be too linear and tend to underestimate the actual load on the athletes.

This Score was devised by Dr. Anthony Rice, based at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. We have been working with him to implement his T2 score into our platform. The score has up until now been used manually and as such not very scalable. Through Rowe.rs we endeavoured to make his amazing body of work accessible to all.

As it is the first time it has been publically available, we are sure that we will learn a lot about its validity. We will have some tinkering to do in order to get it right. We would love your feedback in making the score more accurate to help you train faster.

In order for this score to be valid, it is crucial that we know what training type was done. And most wearables do not make it possible to select the correct training types. Because of this we have had to add a step for you to assign the correct session type.

Ease of use

Athletes are used to having their data import automatically from their wearable devices. But now you can import it to the same place where all your rowing related data is stored. Ergo sessions (you can’t really do that with Strava), your weights sessions as well as all your other rowing training.

You can start using the automated imports and the training load scores in Rowers today.

Guide: How to setup auto import