Rowe.rs is platform for rowers, both coaches and athletes to manage their training programs, data and communicate efficiently.


Rowe.rs makes it easy for coaches to design and assign individualised training programmes for large squads. Whilst creating one destination for all squad members to find their training programmes, review their historical training data, and communicate with their team members without wondering which media platform they sent the message on.


We built rowe.rs after years of running different clubs and national teams and saw that we all had similar problems with managing performance data and training information. So we decided to build a product that would first solve our needs and saw that it was so good that we felt we should open the product to everyone in the sport.



GB International. Coached Cambridge University, Great Britain and Ireland.

Adrian Cassidy


Olympic Bronze Medallist, Moscow 1980.

David Townsend


Junior GB International. Award winning app developer.

Filip Ljubicic