About Rowe.rs

Rowe.rs is a platform for coaches and athletes to manage their training programs and data, and to communicate efficiently.

We make it easy for coaches to design and assign individual training programs for large squads. It’s a one-stop location for all squad members to find their schedule, review their historical training data and communicate with their team members.

We built Rowe.rs after years of running clubs and national teams, with the aim to improve managing performance data and training information for both coaches and athletes. Now everyone can get on doing what they love doing best – getting out on the water – in the knowledge that their essential stats are safely stored on Rowe.rs.

The Team

Adrian Cassidy

GB International. Coached Cambridge University, Great Britain and Ireland.

David Townsend

Olympic Bronze Medallist,
Moscow 1980.

Filip Ljubicic

Junior GB International. Award winning app developer.

Work With Us

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to help us achieve our goals and visions. Currently we’re a team of 11; a mix of designers, developers, customer support, sales, marketing, social media and more. We’d love to hear from you.

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Used by the best in the world

  • “We LOVE rowe.rs so thanks for all of the work you guys are doing.”
    Jennie Farmer
    Sir William Perkins' School
  • Vesta is a rowing club full of athletes and coaches working in full-time employment as well as committing most evenings and mornings to training. Time is at a premium, therefore using a service like Rowe.rs allows club members to focus on work rather than on the admin of score logging, reviewing and planning.
    Harry Bond
    Vesta Rowing Club
  • We introduced Rowe.rs into our program as part of our effort to simplify team communications, streamline data collection, create transparency across the squad and increase our athletes personal tracking of their performances and progress. Rowe.rs has helped us meet these goals with their intuitive platform.
    Henry Palmer
    Boston College