Unlock your full potential and become a better athlete

Receive personalized coaching and get insights into your individual peaks and troughs

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Unlock your full potential through insights into data and small tweaks in training

Uncover trends in your performance and achieve consistent progress - have access to your individual historical data that you can hold onto even if you start training at a different club.

Every athlete is unique – train at the levels that are right for you specifically and hold back to perform your best when it matters.

Track performance and health data consistently - proactively manage injury/illness, minimize days of training sessions lost, reach peak form and minimize setbacks.

Find the best way to train as a part of the team

Data powered feedback on your individual performance - become a better athlete and also receive personalized coaching to discover the best way to train as a part of the team with your coach. Achieve consistency in recording what you do on a daily basis - have a private training diary on your phone and understand where you sit within the team with every piece by having insight into team data and rank yourself.

Plan for your best training

24/7 updates on sessions and training on your mobile - organize your daily activities, sleep and diet in a meaningful way in order to boost your athletic performance without compromising the quality of your personal life.

This predictability allows you to meet the demands of highly demanding academic schedule and to be a successful athlete.

Ensure compliance with personal data protection regulations

Rowers is fully GDPR compliant and ensures you are keeping personal data secure and organized.

Plan for success and become a better athlete

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