With the Olympics around the corner we wanted to take a look at what Apps people might be using this summer on the water, in the gym and at home.

For on the Water

I’ve picked out two apps here. One for in the boat and one for the coach on the bank.

Crew NerdCrew Nerd

Crew Nerd lets your phone become a stroke using the GPS and accelerometer inside to see live what you are doing in the boat. You can even create your own custom courses to automatically record your favourite head races. Website | iOS App | Android App


Coaching Stroke CoachCoaching Stroke Coach

This is a great app for a coach or supporter on the bank, just tap the screen to take the rate so when you’re watching the Olympics you can take your own rates if you want. iOS App


On the Ergo

There are a few apps that allow you to connect to the PM monitors to record your training.


The ErgStick app allows you to record your session on a PM5 via Bluetooth or the PM4 & 3 via their ErgStick. The post session analysis is great and gives you greater detail of your session both in terms of numbers and graphs. You can also import you data into Rowe.rs and Concept2’s Logbook. Website | iOS App



This is the official Concept2 app which like ErgStick records your sessions for you. Works with a PM5 via Bluetooth or the PM4 & 3 via the Concept2 Cable. If you use Logbook you can upload directly from the app. Website | iOS App | Android App




If you like racing people then this is the app for you. Like ErgStick and ErgData, LiveRowing records your sessions but also allows you to watch yourself race others when you’re rowing. Website | iOS App


Sleeping & Monitoring

Here are two apps to use to help in the morning.

EliteHRVElite HRV

Elite HRV is a great app to measure your readiness to train. Each morning when you measure your heart rate variability through your bluetooth HR monitor you get a score telling you your readiness to train. I would recommend reading through their website to get a better understanding of the impact this would have on your training. Website | iOS App | Android App


Sleep CycleSleep Cycle

As rowers we have to wake up a silly times in the morning. Sometimes this is outside of our normal rhythm of sleep. Sleep Cycle was the first app to measure how you sleep using the accelerometer in the phone. The app is now pretty smart, knowing how deep your sleep is and waking you up at the optimal time based on your alarm. Website | iOS App | Android App


If you have any suggestions of other great rowing apps that you think people would enjoy to use just leave a comment and your thoughts.