Simplify team management and provide personalized coaching to your team

Plan, communicate, assess, coach and improve for superior performance

Uncover trends and achieve consistency in performance analysis and improvement

We help you couple your devotion to excellence with actionable data insights.

Make small tweaks in training based on tracking individual and team progress and health monitoring - peak for race day, prevent injury and minimize days of lost training sessions.

Be empowered to tap into the power of your team working in unison - have access to historical performance data, visualize athlete and team progress and make informed coaching decisions

Save several hours of repetitive work every week

Less admin, more sports!

Rowers integrates all your data and communication with the entire team or different groups in one place and streamlines your planning processes.

Planning, tracking and communicating in a single platform saves several hours of admin work every week and allows you to make last minute changes to training plans and share them with athletes instantly in a few clicks


"Rowers saves me around 2 hours a week so I can focus my time on being a better coach."

Sam Wells
Oxford University Lightweight Men

Create a winning culture of inclusion

Unified team work and goals - make sure your team understands what it takes to win

Team and individual performance insights - instill confidence in your team through transparency that encourages athletes to understand the process and be able to drive it.

Optional competitive training feature - help athletes know how they rank within the team and stay motivated by having insight into team performance data.

Ensure compliance with personal data protection regulations

Rowers is fully GDPR compliant and ensures you are keeping personal data secure and organized.

Smarter Training for High Performing Teams

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