As a coach there is always something to do, send some more emails, enter some ergo scores, write next month’s programme…..


Keeping on top of your programme is time consuming and often detracts from your coaching. We have built this system to help you with all of that. We aim to save you time, make communicating very easy whilst also building something that stores all your data ergo, bike or water work all in once place. We also help you manage your videos and picture.


It does sound like a bold claim, but we feel this really does help you produce faster crews.

Benefits for Coaches

Visualization – by displaying your data for your athletes to see at any time
All in one place – by keeping all your data, images and videos in one place
Saving time – by reducing the time needed to keep up with admin
Summarizing – by providing reports to view the data in an easy way
Better decision making – by reducing the risk of you making mistakes

I very much like the ease of the platform and also having all athletes log into one place to record their information. It is helping us become a more sophisticated squad.

Made for your team

Illness and Injury Prevention


Our morning monitoring report will show you which athletes are ready to train and which athletes are not. Our session by session RPE (Rating of Perceived Effort) report will show you which athletes struggle on specific sessions and which don’t.

Training in the right zone


Through our third party data imports you’ll be able to see your crews heart rate and GPS speed for the session all together. Now you will be able to see if all of the crew are training in the right zones and their actual training mileage.

Measuring Progress


Does your training program work? Our athlete progress reports for water and ergo will let you see how your athletes are progressing throughout the season. Giving you a clear picture on each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

Know who’s coming to training


Collect attendance data for each of your sessions or events, making crew and session planning easier and faster. Our attendance report will give you a clear picture of every athlete’s attendance record both past and present.

Record Data from anywhere


No longer struggle with data collection from remote athletes. Our data entry pages are made for easy and fast data recording by athletes and coaches. The results are available instantly to all on the session in simple to see graphs and tables.

Club Communication


Communicating over messages, social networks & emails? Our communication walls for sessions, athletes and groups will make it easier to get your message across, whether its through a message or a session video.

A place for all


One place for training programs, data and communication making it easy to manage small/large and varied groups of athletes. A great way to engage and develop young athletes into rowing.

Measuring Progress


Our athlete progress reports for water and ergo will let you see how your athletes are progressing throughout the season. Giving you a clear picture on each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

Keep parents in the loop


Share training reports with parents to show athlete progress and attendance over the season or the term. Show parents their child’s training program and how their child is progress compared to others.

Are your athletes ready to train?


Collect morning monitoring data to know whether your athletes can train. Our traffic light system will warn you if an athlete is on the edge or if there is a problem in their morning stats. See injury and illness statistics for your team like never before.

Do your athletes know their training?


Distribute your training program easily to a small or large team through Collect attendance data and release crew lineups before the session has even started. Communicate with athletes directly through the session wall.

Struggling to collect athlete data?


Data collection in can be done both by athletes and coaches. All data entry forms are structured for easy entry and clear and simple data visualisation. Our automated reports will show athlete progress throughout the season.

What coaches say

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