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Things change all the time. The weather, athlete availability, access to training facilities. Sometimes you may have something very simple to communicate and would rather just message the right people instead of sending another email.
Plus your team is always made up of different groups. Sometimes only specific groups of people need your message.
Well, we can help with that!

Communication Benefits


You can build as many groups as you want and include any combination of Team members into that group. Now you can message them at the press of a button on your RowersApp. Your own Rowing specific communication channel

Training Session

Every training session has athletes and coaches assigned to it. Simply by posting a comment or video on the session wall, you will instantly message all those invited. No more looking for mailing lists in email or sending the message to more than those who are on the session.


Meetings, Training Camps are all important. They are key to keeping the show on the road. Once these are in you Calendar all know what is going on, plus you can communicate to all involved. Also, minutes of a meeting or travel info documentation can be posted onto the wall. Nobody will have to search through emails again. All the info is on the event in your Calendar.

Athlete Attendance

Forget long lists of names and double checking list to see who has confirmed they are attending training. Now simply open the session on your app and the status is there. The athletes simply press a button to change their attendance. Could not be easier.

Illness and Injury

In the RowersApp you can easily keep track of injury and illness. Athletes and Coaches can amend the athlete's health status in order to keep track of how well the athletes are coping with training. You do not need to keep a spreadsheet, our reports page now does it all for you.

Crew Information

Since you know who is coming you can build out who is rowing with whom. The night before you can build out the crews for training the next day. Even is the session is seat racing. Once you publish the crews the athletes know what is going on. If you change the crews the update is live on their RowesApp instantly, No need to write a new email with the new crews, just notify them.

Upgrade your Communications Today

Streamline your Teams communication.
You will wish you had had something like this last season.

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