Collecting GPS and HR data has never been easier since the introduction of smart watches and smart phones. This has brought to life the cloud services which GPS & HR manufactures like Garmin, Polar & Suunto have built for athletes.

However for coaches access to this information became restrictive. You’d have to ask an athlete to show you the data and this might happen once in a while. Now in your athletes can connect their account to: GarminConnect, Polar Flow and Suunto Movesaccount. Connecting to these services makes it easy to import GPS & HR data directly to sessions. Allowing you as a coach to see the following:

* Individual GPS
* Crew GPS
* Individual HR Zones
* Individual HR traces
* Crew GPS & HR

With HR Zones in you can now see whether athletes stayed in the prescribed training zone for the session.


For athletes to connect their accounts to is very simple and we’ve written guides showing you how this can be done.

Connect GarminConnect to
Connect Polar Flow to
Connect Suunto Movesaccount to

Other feature improvements


Athlete Ergo Progress Report

We’ve changed the way the athlete progress report works to incorporate more information than before. Now when you pick an athlete it will show all their ergo results for the last month. The new filter allows you then to select the ergo’s you want to look at and set your own range.

Illness & Injury Stats

Since we introduced the update to morning monitoring in July, athletes have been adding the types of illnesses and injuries that they have had. From now on in the morning monitoring report you can see the breakdown of illness and injuries that are occurring in your team. With this we have included the daily training ratings your athletes have been entering.