We are excited that the new version of Rowe.rs is nearly ready to use. Before it is, we wanted to share with you the new look and some new features we’ve added in.

Redesigned Calendar

See your training program in 5 different formats. View by Day, Week, Month, List or a Weekly summary

Simpler way to make crews

Making your crews for the next session are faster and easier for athletes to know their lineup for the session.

Clearer Session information and view

All your session information is now all in one view.

Faster Session Creation

Making sessions is now faster and easier through our new slider.

Easier Data Collection

Collecting data needs to be easy, our autocomplete forms make it so.

Some other features

  • Better design for mobile and tablets
  • New navigation around the site
  • and much more

These changes to the look to Rowe.rs will make the experience of organising and managing teams more fun for the whole team.

If you are interested in finding out more about Rowe.rs

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