Performance analysis usually reserved for International Teams with sports science support.


This plan is for those teams collecting Telemetry data and are looking for ways to visualise the data at an individual, session and longitudinal way. We not only make the data import and assigning the data to individuals simpler. We provide advanced reporting giving you insights only International teams with support staff have managed to do.


This tier of Rowe.rs offers all the features in the other tiers, plus

Telemetry Data importing
Assigning Data to crews and individuals
Telemetry Session reports
Telemetry Longitudinal Reports
Multifactorial reporting
Metric such as Watts/Heart beat


Import data from most Telemetry systems. Make the management of the data simpler and less time consuming.


Simplified feedback reports from the data collected by your telemetry system over time.

Multifactorial Comparison

Integrate data from several sources and showing possible correlations between trends in these seeming unconnected streams of data.

e.g Watts/Heart beat

Measure and Analyse

Democratising the analysis of Telemetry Data