We are constantly making changes to the Rowers apps on all platforms. As a team we always want to release new features and updates to make the service better and better. This month we have released a couple of new features to Rowers Web. On the Android and iOS apps we are in the process of making design changes and other improvements that will be coming soon.

Web Updates

We have made two major changes on Rowers Web this month. Both focus on displaying information in a clearer and simpler way then before.

Session Results

Knowing what happened on during your training session now much clearer in Rowers. Seeing everything in one place makes it easier for coaches and athletes to view the data. We’ve taken feedback from users, and have built a brand new look to session results.

The GIF below shows all the information that is displayed from one rowing session that includes pieces, crew heart rates*, GPS speed* and more. All on one page.

Rowing Results on Rowers Performance Tier

The redesign of the results pages in Rowers, makes it easier to see who has imported their data from 3rd party services like Polar, Garmin or Float. Allowing coaches to see that information, and make better informed decisions.

The results redesign has been added to all sessions types within the Rowers platform.


The home page is the first place you land as an athlete or coach in Rowers. This page helps athletes and coaches navigate to the most critical information to them quickly and efficiently. The home page has different information depending if you are an athlete or coach.

Athletes will be able to see the following: Training, Health*, Training Scores* & Notifications

Athlete View Rowers Performance Tier

Coaches will be able to see the following: Training & Notifications

Coach View Rowers Organisational & Performance Tiers

Canoe and Kayaking Sessions

We are introducing Canoe and Kayaking sessions into Rowers. As coaches and athletes you can now create Canoe / Kayak sessions. Rowers is used by a number of Canoeing & Kayaking clubs and national teams to track their performance.

With the introduction of Canoeing and Kayaking, including outrigger canoeing we have added the ability to create lineups/crews for all the boat classes. This allows coaches to create lineups in the same way as rowing sessions, through dragging and dropping athletes into seats.

Tracking timed pieces and creating a results sheet for Canoeing and Kayaking is now possible through the standard results functionality of Rowers. Coaches are able to enter the start time, split times and finish times of a piece and Rowers will calculate the final time and produce graphs and pacing lines. Making it quick and easy to get results into athletes hands.

Rowers allows you to track an athletes’ individual progress by boat type through our reports. Something already available for rowing, now we are introducing it for canoeing and kayaking. The athlete progress report will allow you to see all the athletes on water results in one place. Making it easy and simple to track progress over time.

You can start creating Canoe & Kayak sessions today on all three Rowers apps: Web, iOS and Android.

*Available only on the Rowers Performance Tier