Collecting Concept2 Ergo Data

No need to keep writing down all your ergo scores.

Download the Float app onto your smartphone and import the data from all your ergo sessions straight into


Why will the Float App help me?

Looking at a Session of 5x5min recorded on the Float App.

Summary Table in

Data collected for every stroke


Stroke Length

Heart Rate

Float Summary Screen 

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  • Things are going well for us. Your application helps a lot....
    Stephan Wiget
    See-Club Zug
  • “We LOVE so thanks for all of the work you guys are doing.”
    Jennie Farmer
    Sir William Perkins' School
  • Vesta is a rowing club full of athletes and coaches working in full-time employment as well as committing most evenings and mornings to training. Time is at a premium, therefore using a service like allows club members to focus on work rather than on the admin of score logging, reviewing and planning.
    Harry Bond
    Vesta Rowing Club
  • We introduced into our program as part of our effort to simplify team communications, streamline data collection, create transparency across the squad and increase our athletes personal tracking of their performances and progress. has helped us meet these goals with their intuitive platform.
    Henry Palmer
    Boston College