Coaches, can you imagine…

On a cold saturday morning getting ready for timed pieces.  You are in your coaching launch at the start ready to go…. all you need to do is press the volume button on your smartphone, then click on the icon of the crew that just crossed the line, Boom!! The time has been taken!!



We have just partnered with with Time-Team ( We will be working together of the coming months to deliver the ultimate timing system into our platform. The integration with their tried and tested timing system will make it easy for coaches to time all their training pieces at home without the hassle of having to type them into a spreadsheet.

We are taking the opportunity this summer to run some live timing at Henley Women’s Regatta during the morning of the Friday Qualification Races, 16th June 2017.

WE ARE NOT PROVIDING OFFICIAL RESULTS !!  – Official results are here

This exercise will enable us to test and showcase how easy it is to use.

Our vision for our platform is to make it very easy to time all your crews and deliver display the results in a meaningful way.  Coaches will build their crews for the session within the system. Then with the integration of the Time-Team system they will be able to painlessly time their crews.

Sounds amazing…. We will make it happen for you, watch this space.


To watch the results live (unofficial) please go to


Smartphone:  Time-Team