Henley Regatta is over. Probably the most high octane year ever! For many Henley is the end of the season, but for coaches it marks the beginning for the next. Over the next few months coaches will be preparing for the new season. Reviewing what worked and what didn’t work. How they can find that extra few inches per stroke to go faster.

As you prepare for next season, we are releasing GPS importing into Rowe.rs. Now you can import your water training data from NK SpeedCoach GPS, CoxOrb Platinum or a Garmin/Polar watch which produces GPX files. Not only will you see a map of your training session or race but also other data like:

Total Distance – this is the total distance recorded by the device
Total Time – this is the time the device was recording data for
Ave. Speed – this is the boat’s average speed for the session, we have removed any data that is below 0.5m/s
Max Speed – this is the fastest speed the boat reached during your session
Percentage of Session below 0.5m/s – this is the % of the session you spent below 0.5m/s.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.57.58

This is not all, for each session you will also be able to see your pacing in the following:

M/S – this is the raw speed your boat is moving in that moment in time.
GMT % – this the speed your boat is moving based on a Gold Medal Time percentage your club has set.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.39.38

Now that all this information now available in a simple and easy to use format, as a coach or athlete you can now see your actual training, not just the planned. This will tell you if one pair is constantly skipping a couple of miles behind Temple Island.

To use the GPS import in Rowe.rs please read our guide to show you how.

GPS import works with the following products:

CoxOrb – Platinum
Garmin Connect files in GPX format
Polar Flow files in GPX format
SpeedCoach GPS Model 2