The features and functionality in Rowers continues to grow and grow, and we are constantly improving features to help teams go faster. However for some teams the functionality might be too much. So we’ve built a lighter Rowers, this allows everyone to benefit from the core features of Rowers. Thats why we are launching the Organisation Tier.

The Organisation Tier is designed to help clubs organise and communicate quickly and efficiently to make training more efficient and more enjoyable. The Organisation Tier is priced lower than the next tier called Performance, aimed at performance athletes.

In the Organisational Tier your are able to create your training program, collect results and scores from sessions, manage attendance and communicate with your team through the walls in squads and sessions, along with basic reports on attendance and training summary.

The Performance Tier includes all the features of the Organisational Tier and also includes features like GPS & HR imports, automated imports, and more reports.

If you are a rowing team looking to improve communication and organisation, and move away from Google Docs, Team Snap and Email, we offer a 30 day free trial of Rowers when registering for the first time.

Organisation Pricing

Price Per User – £0.79 / €0.89 / $0.99 per month
Unlimited Users – £48 / €55 / $60 per month

Performance Pricing

Price Per User – £1.99 / €2.49 / $2.99 per month
Unlimited Users – £120 / €150 / $180 per month