Knowing how hard you are training can give you insights that you may never of had. Using heart rate monitors is now the norm for athletes all around the world but does your coach ever get to see it and assess your training load? From today in athletes are able to import their heart rate data into from their heart rate devices.

Heart Rates

This means coaches will be able to see everyone’s heart rate in the Eight yesterday or on the Ergo’s this morning. Coaches are able to see how individual athletes are training but also your crewmates in one place.

Coaches are able to see a breakdown of athletes in each of their training zones.

HR Group View 2

They can also see the raw data of each athlete HR for the session

HR Group Line

Individual Heart Rate Zones

Every athlete now has their own Heart Rate zones which are set by default to a % of their max heart rate:

Zone 1: 50 – 60%
Zone 2: 60 – 70%
Zone 3: 70 – 80%
Zone 4: 80 – 90%
Zone 5: 90 – 100%

Athlete Profile HR zone

We’ve added an simple to use slider to make setting the zones easy to set.

Garmin and Polar

To enable Heart Rate imports we have worked with files from both Garmin and Polar watches. Heart rate can be added via Garmin Connect or via Polar Flow in a similar fashion to adding GPS data to session.


Setting HR Zones as a coach

Setting HR Zones as an athlete

Importing HR data to a session


We’re excited to see how training with Heart Zones will help improve performances of individuals and teams.