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Keep track of everything

There are so many moving parts to running a club. Knowing who is coming and going. Communicating the inevitable changes to the plan. Keeping tabs on ergo scores and weight sessions.
We have built a platform that means that you can manage your team(s) all from one place. All your basic planning and organization all the way up to data collection and tracking.
You and your team can have one destination for all things Rowing, in the palm of their hand.

Managing with ease


By having all your different groups set up in the RowersApp you can easily build out their training programmes as well as let them know what is going on.

Training Programme

It is straightforward to build training programmes for multiple groups and individuals. You will easily be able to individualize training if that is what you want to do. But more importantly, you will now have an easy way to see the difference between planned and actual.


Because the athletes simply press a button on the session in the RowersApp. It is easy to know who is coming to the next training session. Plus as a coach, you can easily tick who has turned up and who has not. The list is in the App and all you have to do is swipe left or right to manage attendance.


You will save an hour of time a week by being more efficient. You will wonder how you ever managed to run your club before using the RowerApp.


Once you have set up your club and written the training programme you have the ability to communicate the appropriate message to the appropriate group of people effortlessly. Send photos,  video and documents as well as text straight to the athlete's phone, instantly.

Data Collection

Once you have taken video of a crew, just post it on the session wall directly from your smartphone. Post it during the session, then you know they will all have a notification and will be able to view it in the app.fdfs sdf sd sdf  sdf sdf sdf sdf

Save time from Today

Don't wait until next week. You will only wish you had made the change sooner.

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