There is nothing more time consuming than trying to keep up with the attendance status of the athletes. Who is coming or not coming to training tomorrow is vital information. Typically coaches or whoever is running the team sits down at the end of the day and goes through their list of who is supposed to be coming to the training session. Invariably this has been collated from a stream of text messages or emails, perhaps a social media group page. Once you have got that group together, you may want to plan who is rowing in which crew the next day.

This painful, soul destroying and time-consuming task need not be like that anymore!



By using the Rowers App you can see who is attending the session at a glance. The athletes only need to press 1 button to let you know who is coming or not. Then when you decide to check in the evening, you just look at the app and the attendance list is there. You can even build the crews and share them with the team without creating a single email.



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