Organisation Tier

Take away the pain of organising and communicating your training program with your team.


Create training sessions, assign athletes and coaches. Check session availability and create crews so everybody knows who is rowing with whom.


Our Android and iOS apps will make it easy for you to communicate and share your training program with your athletes and coaches. You can send messages to any number of groups you create. You are also able to send messages to all athletes and coaches attending any training session even if the groups are mixed.


The app makes it possible for easy communication of updates as well as keeping track of any training data that has been uploaded or entered manually.

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Everything in one place

Having your Communication, Training Program and Training Data all in one place, accessible at via mobile and web.

  • Communication

    Simple Communication

    Within Rowers you have the ability to communicate easily with athletes, coaches, groups and squads. Upload messages, videos, photos or files to session walls or squad walls.

    Each session, event, group & squad has a wall. This lets you message athletes and coaches. An easy way of letting people know the right information at the right time.

  • Training Program

    Creating a Training Program

    Write and share your training program with your team. Through Rowers you can create training sessions and collect data for Water, Ergo, Running, Cycling, Swimming and Weights Sessions.

    Having your training program online, you can amend it on the go and it will be update immediately for all attendees. Athletes and Coaches in your club can access the training program via their apps or the website.

  • Scores

    Save time collecting scores

    Our Android and iOS app make it easy for athletes & coaches to enter data for all session types. 

    Once the data is collected the apps instantly create a results sheet and rankings for every session you record data for. 

  • Crews

    Creating Crews

    No more "hey coach what are the crews" when you create crews in Rowers.

    Our simple crew creation allows you to announce crews to athletes and coaches directly in the app.


  • Attendance

    Managing Attendance

    Save time by collecting attendance information before the session starts. Making planning crews and training easier.

    Take attendance at the beginning of sessions in order to produce detailed athlete reports.

  • Reports

    Track Progress

    Our reports are generated every time you use Rowers. These include session results or general training data.

    You can see how athletes are performing over a period of time.

    Reports included in Organisation Tier: Attendance, Training Summary.

A simple platform to help your team

Our customers love using Rowers on the go and at home. Our dedicated support make it hassle-free and efficient to get going.

Things are going well for us. Your application helps a lot….

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  • Communication
  • Training Program Writing
  • Manual Data Collection
  • Basic Reports
  • Attendance Tracking

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