No matter how organised you are as a coach it is still time-consuming and requires a lot of thought and effort. takes a lot of the pain out of that process and gives you back some of your coaching time.

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This plan is targeted at Coaches who are running rowing programmes that require clear communication, training programme distribution, managing attendance to the training session as well as collecting training data.



Keeping everybody informed as to what is going on is crucial. We realise the challenges coaches have in trying to keep up with multiple ways of communicating, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook. So we made it easy to use a one-stop shop to run your club and communicate.


Knowing who is coming to each training session is key to good planning. Also being able to keep tabs on who is turning up to training and who is not helps with selection decisions. Within there is a straightforward facility to manage attendance and track it over time.

Basic Reports

The purpose of collecting your training data is to see if the athletes are progressing. To gain a better understanding of how effective your programme is. We built these reports to make this process easy and insightful.

Training Programme

The cornerstone of the system is the training programme. It is easy to make the programme and assign the correct athletes to each session. Athletes love this feature as it means they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing, when and where and with whom. 

Manual Data Collection

The smartphone app makes it very simple for athletes to add their training data. Once the numbers have been entered, they are automatically sent to their account, making them available to all the athletes and coaches online. Data collection becomes quick and simple with the benefit of seeing the 'results sheet' immediately.

Communicating Crews Lists

Putting the crews online helps on several levels. Firstly it gives the athletes sight if whom they are rowing with the next day. Secondly, it makes it possible to add times to each crew when doing timed pieces. Thirdly, you are able to keep a record of who has rowed together over the season. 

Everything in one place

Having your Communication, Training Program, Training Data all together is what coaches have been looking for.

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  • Communication

    Improved Communication

    By creating a squad structure within you will have the ability to communicate easily to each group via the smartphone app.

    When you create the training programme, each session or event has a wall. This provides the means of messaging every person on the session at one time. An easy way of letting people know if the session has been changed in any way. You can even upload videos to that session wall direct from your phone.

  • Planning

    Creating a Training Program

    Creating and sharing the training programme is the cornerstone of any successful club. It gives clarity to all and makes organising the herd so much easier.

    No more cutting and pasting spreadsheets!

    By having the training program it online, you can also amend it on the fly and no need to send out an email when you do. They will have the amended session on their phone. They will get the email in the morning telling them what the session is. 

  • Manual Data Entry

    Save time collecting ergo Scores

    Instead of you spending 30 minutes or more typing in ergo scores for the whole team, the athlete spends 20 seconds entering their scores on the app.

    Presto you have a results sheet! It gives the athletes instant feedback, and you can also see all the results before they go for a shower.

    You may have used Googlesheets to do this, but this is finally an easy way to add scores specifically designed for rowing with an app.

  • Managing Crews

    Creating Crews

    By creating the crews for the next day you are making it clear for the athletes. They know what the training is, where and when to train and with whom. No more "hey coach what's the session", "hey coach what are the crews".

    What's even better than that you have now created the structure so that you can collect times for pieces.

  • Attendance

    Maintaining a Team Roster

    Knowing who is coming to training is crucial. It is the bane of a coaches life. Coaches spend an extortionate amount of time sending emails and following trails of email to see who is coming.

    There are other apps that do this, but they still don't solve the problem of managing multiple squads as well as recording the data from that attendance list.

  • Basic Reporting

    Tracking Athletes progress.

    Stop building endless spreadsheets to see how your athletes are progressing. Once the data has been entered we generate both the session summary of the data, as well as provide you with Reports that let you see the longitudinal data. You can clearly see how athletes are improving, or not.

Getting setup

You will be up an running in less than 10 minutes.

Import all the Athletes and Coaches into your club

Simply upload a spreadsheet with all the athletes firstnames, lastnames, email address into the system and you ready to go. You can start adding them to sessions and putting them into squads. Whilst you are doing that the invited athletes and coaches will be sent an email inviting them to the club. One they verify their email everybody is up and running.

Create your club Groups

By creating squads or groups, you are creating two things. One, the basic communication structure for the club (most coaches find it useful to have a coaches group for comms). Two, you can then add all the athletes and coaches in each squad to events and training session at the press of a button. In fact, you can add all the squad members to a month worth of session in one go!

Create a week's worth of sessions

Create all the training sessions, Ergo, Run, Weights, and Water. This has the benefit of informing the athletes of what they are expected to do. It also means that they then have the ability to add all their Ergo and weights data into the session so that it is all held in one place... when was the last time you could see how much the athletes lifted?

Send your team a Message

Now that you are all setup, it would be a good idea to send everybody a message. Not only will those who download the app get a notification that you have to send them a message, they will also getting an email to that effect. These messages can either be sent to a specific squad, or to a specific session. Truly making your life easier, all in one place.

Create some Crews

For your first water session go ahead and create your crews. It is as simple as drag and drop. Create crews in seconds and share them with the team. Plus if one of the athletes has pressed "not attending" on the app, you will know not to put them in the crew. Plus you can make quick changes and the new crews are there on the smartphone for all to see.

Enter data for an Ergo Session

AS we showed you above entering ergo scores is so easy. It really does take the pain out of entering scores, espceailly for the coaches. We have found because there 

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