Organising my Team takes too much time...

RowesApp takes all the hassle out of running your Team

"If I knew how much time this would save I would have started this last term..." -Will Reynolds from Shrewsbury School Boat Club

So much goes into running a Team. Organising and managing training and athletes can be time-consuming, no matter if you are a volunteer or professional coach.

Coaches use so many differentplatforms that make their lives easier, but still, it takes forever to keep tabs on everything. Keeping track what was sent on each platform doesn't help either.


Who is coming to tomorrow's Session

In order to manage your endless lists of people from differing squads, it is important to be able to quickly see who is available for each training session. Once you know that you can easily plan for the session. Even set crews for the water sessions.

Having the session structured as RowersApp does means that you can easily communicate with them, Normally if you want to message those that are actually coming to a session you need to create a new group or just email everybody. In the RowesApp each session is set up so that you can simply message only those in the session.


Which crews will they be rowing in

Within theRowersApp you know the availability of your athletes within the actual session on the app. When you go into the session you can build the crews out and inform all what crew they are rowing in. We save you the effort of either building a new spreadsheet to send out, or simply creating a mailing list to send the crews.


Who didn't turn up today, and why didn't they

Because you or the athlete can mark your attendance, either before or at the session. You have a full record of every athlete's attendance. Simply look at the attendance report and you can see who has been training. This makes tracking athlete training so much easier.

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