Communication and Planning for Sports Teams

All your Sports Team Communication, Organisation and Planning in the palm of your hand.


    "Using the Rowers Platform has definitely streamlined how we do things, once you get used to it you realise how did you ever do it the other way before"

    Phil Gray, ULBC Chief Coach

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Rowers puts all the planning and organisation for your spin palace sports team in one place. So that your team always knows what is going on.


All the communication for your sports team is in the palm of your hands through the Rowers app. Making it possible for you to keep up to date with all your team.


Rowers makes it simple to know who is coming to your training sessions. No need to look up emails or scroll through endless messages. 


Designed for Clubs, Teams and Individuals

Sports Clubs

Managing all the moving parts of your Club made easy. Eliminating the need to use multiple apps and cloud storage platforms to keep all the information under control.

Sports Teams

A single place where all the Team planning, logistics and communication. Recording and reviewing any training data is also in the one place.


Athletes manage their attendance so the coach knows who is coming to each training session in advance. An easy place for the athletes to record all their training numbers as well as write private notes in their training diary.

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