Gain more insight into the actual training your athletes are doing.


This plan is targeted at performance programmes who are serious about winning. Looking for insights into training that will give performance gains. A 21st century way to look at training and performance data.


This tier of offers all the organisation level features and more.

Training Programme
Crews list
Basic reporting

Heart Rate

Heart Rate is a great proxy measure of intensity. The fact that is easy and cheap to collect makes it easily usable. For the first time, we make it possible for the coach to see all the HR data for every athlete on any given session altogether.


Knowing who is coming to each training session is key to good planning. Also being able to keep tabs on who is turning up to training and who is not helps with selection decisions. Within there is a straightforward facility to manage attendance and track it over time.

Advanced Reports

The purpose of collecting your training data is to see if the athletes are progressing, to gain a better understanding of how effective your programme is. We built these reports to make this process easy and insightful.

Measuring Training load

Knowing how hard each athlete is training is a crucial insight. But it is not very easy to see what is going on.


Comparative Boat Speed Analysis

Putting the crews online helps on several levels. Firstly it gives the athletes sight if whom they are rowing with the next day. Secondly, it makes it possible to add times to each crew when doing timed pieces. Thirdly, you are able to keep a record of who has rowed together over the season.

Morning Monitoring

Understanding how your athletes are coping with the training is a huge performance advantage. You can not control what your athletes get up when they are not training, but you can see how they are coping and amend the programme in order to maximize their rate of improvement.

Analyse your training

Get to know what training you athletes are actually doing.

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  • Heart Rate

    Greater insight

    Heart Rate is a great proxy measure of intensity. The fact that is easy and cheap to collect makes it powerful.
    For the first time, we make it possible for the coach to see all the HR data for every athlete on any given session altogether.

    The top graph shows you the time distribution for each athlete, letting you know how much time each athlete is spending in each Heart Rate Zone

    The Bottom graph shows the HR trace for each athlete in the session, either for the session as a whole or simply by a crew.

  • Training Load

    Endurance Training Score

    If your athletes wear a heart rate monitor for each training session they will be given a scientifically validated training score. We then add up all the sessions and provide you with a weekly or monthly training load score.

    Over time you will begin to see a picture as to the relative load of each session type, as well as what the Critical Athlete Training load (CAT load) is.

    The CAT load is the critical load beyond which the athlete begins to break down.

  • Morning Monitoring

    Coping with Training

    Knowing how well the athletes are recovering from training is very important. How well the athletes look after themselves when they are not training it key to recovery.

    The athletes enter their statistics every morning on the app and you get a simple report that lets you know how well they are recovering. Giving you the insight to manage each athlete and modify their training in order to maximise their rate of development given their lifestyle.

    Our traffic light system gives you clear warnings as to when the athletes may need a bit more attention and rest.

  • gps_fixed


    Speed, Distance and Training Time

    As with the Heart Rate data, we make it possible for you to see the speed at which your athletes have been training, as well as how far they have traveled in any given training session.

    This gives you an insight as to what mileage they have done, and how far that deviates from what you have prescribed. No matter where the training is done you can compare athletes and see how well they are executing the training session.

  • Boat Speed Comparison

    Percentage of Gold Medal Time

    Comparing relative speeds of differing boat types is an important way of keeping an eye on how the crews are developing.  Either in timed pieces or simply by comparison of their relative paddling speeds on the boat speed.

    By simply typing in the results of some timed pieces, we will produce a results sheet that will rank each crew by time or %age of 'gold medal' time.

    You define what you think the 'gold medal' time is for each boat type is, making the comparison simple.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Even more insights

    With our more advanced reports, you will be able to see how athletes are progressing over time, how they are progressing against other athletes in their squad.

    Being able to see athlete behaviours around morning monitoring, attendance and rates of improvement give you great starting points for conversations with athletes. These conversations lead to changes in behaviours that lead to improvements in performance.

Planned vs Actual

No athlete completes the whole programme... So now it is time to find out what they actually did.

Collect better training data

When athletes use HR monitors such as Garmin, Polar, and Suunto we are able to import that data into giving the athlete and the coach a clear insight into what training they have actually done.

See how well they are improving

With all the ergo and boat speed information that you collect either manually or via imported data, you can start to build a clear picture as to the efficacy of their training.

Understand the training load of your Program

With our ETS (Endurance Training Score) you gain an insight into the training intensity each athlete is under in each session. Just because all the athletes are roiwng in the same crew does not mean they are doing the same training session. Some will be pulling too hard, and some not hard enough.

Talk to the athletes

Now that you know what the level of intensity is for each athlete, it gives you a clear and objective starting point from which to have a performance conversation with the athlete. By understanding what the athlete actually did, and asking them to change how they train and measuring it again, you will make the athlete's train better and get faster.

Amend the training programme

This insight will also get to better understand what the load is for the training sessions you write. Maybe the athletes are getting the training benefit you wanted, maybe your session is spot on, but maybe you underestimated the load it is putting on the athlete. Now you can make an educated decision about how to amend your programme.

Better understanding

It never hurts to challenge your beliefs. But now with some objective data, you will bring a bit more science to the art of coaching, and reduce the risk of making a poor decision. 

Brave New World

Finally a complete insight into how the training is being done

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