Plan your Training

Speed up Planning Process

Training time is always at a premium. Great planning makes sessions run smoothly. Giving you the best possible returns for you and your Team.
The RowersApp simplifies all planning for your Sports Team. Saving time and streamlining the process. You can stop spending hours communicating on email and social platforms. Plus athlete engagement is sky high.

Planning Features


At the touch of a button, all athletes can confirm the availability. You just open the session on your phone and see what the status is.

Session Messaging

Send a message to all athletes and coaches on a session in one go. No more mailing list. You have a wall for every training session as soon as you create the training programme.

Training Programme

It is so simple to write the training programme for all to see. Once it is online they can see the sessions 24/7. If you change a session, you do not have to send a new spreadsheet. It is updated instantly. The next time they check the new session is already there.

Group Messaging

Easily send all members of your groups a message about anything. They will get an in-appnotification and can reply.

Sharing Video

Once you have taken video of a crew, just post it on the session wall directly from your smartphone. Post it during the session, then you know they will all have a notification and will be able to view it in the app.


Build crew lists, let the athletes know who they are rowing with. This act of posting crews transforms the pre-session experience. They no longer ask who they are rowing with, they simply collect their oars and go rowing.

Save time from Today

Don't wait until next week. You will only wish you had made the change sooner.

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