As many of you know last year we embarked on building ErgStick, a dongle and app that records every stroke on the Concept2 rowing machine. Our aim was to stop you having to write down your ergo score ever again. Now you can throw away your pens and note pads.

From today in you are able to import your scores and data directly from ErgStick into and see something you have never been able to see before.

In you are able to see six different parameters for every session you do with ErgStick:

Power (watts)
Pace (/500m)
Rate (spm)
Heart rate (bmp)
Stroke length (metres)
Peak power (Kg)

So what does that really mean to you as an athlete and as a coach?

As a Coach

You don’t have to write down any more ergo scores, freeing your time to look at the results and gain insights into how your athletes are performing. The ErgStick data will give you more detail and will make you ask some questions that you could not have answered before without the level of detail ErgStick provides.

Do your athletes performances in training and testing decay in the same way over time? Do some athletes shorten up whilst others get longer and lose peak power? Are all the athletes rowing the same length on the ergo? Or should they?

As an athlete

Not only do you get more data than ever but now you can look at how you really performed throughout the session rather than the few splits the screen gave you. With ErgStick you can see this detail for all your sessions, each and every stroke. This will help you going into your next test or session to know how you performed previously. And finally your coach will never nag you for not writing the score down as you can import it directly into your training session.


Once you have imported your data into you will be able to see two different graphs of your ErgStick data.

  • Individual Graph

The individual graph allows you to view the six parameters mentioned above all on one graph, giving you great detail about how stroke length may have impacted the pace or how your HR rose as the peak power increased.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 20.38.39

  • Group Graph

The group graph allows you to compare several athletes by one of the six parameters mentioned above on one graph, giving you direct comparisons between individuals for every stroke. Do all your athletes row at the same length?

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 20.38.14

How to use ErgStick

  • PM5 monitors

ErgStick is available on iOS devices as a free app from the app store. Turn on the wireless and connect the ErgStick app to the screen and start rowing the session prescribed in To download ErgStick visit the App Store and search for ErgStick.

  • PM3/PM4 monitors

These monitors will require you to purchase an ErgStick that will allow you to connect the app to the screen in order to record the data. Once connected start rowing the session prescribed in To order an ErgStick visit

Connect your and ErgStick accounts together

In you will need to go to your account page and copy your ErgStick id number which is found in the “About ErgStick” section of the app. Once you have connected your accounts you will be able to import the session directly from ErgStick to the session on your training program.


This is only the start, and we know there is lots more we can do with both ErgStick and And the really exciting part is that together they will help you go faster.