We know your teams have been putting in the hard miles and hours up and down the rivers across the world. Our team has been hard at work since coming back from Christmas, as we focus on improving Rowers for you.

This month we continued to improve the design in the apps. In February we released a brand new results page and home page to make it easier to see the information. This month we have added the following in the apps:

Rowers Web

Create Crews for Multiple Sessions

The new crew’s page allows you to create crews and allocate them to one or more sessions at once. This makes it easier when you have a number of crews constantly going out.

How to guide

Updated Design to Crews

We have update the design of crews to give more information about the boat and to make it easy to add the crew to the right pieces.

Rowers Android

  • View Full Results via Rowers web on you phone.
  • Design updates to navigation

Full Results

Last month we update the results on Rowers Web to give you more information in one view. This was a powerful update that has seen more and more people import data into Rowers. We’ve added a link directly to these pages from the app to make it easy to see all results at once.

Rowers iOS

  • View Full Results via Rowers web on you phone.


Our team went to find out how the Royal Shrewsbury School find using Rowers and below is a video of their 20-minute sliders test.