Communication with your team can be fraught with multiple mailing lists. Forgetting to include people in emails, or adding the wrong people. Plus when trying to find out who is coming to the sessions you can spend ages looking through lists on social media groups, email streams etc. We have simplified all of that and made team communication simple, all in one place on your app.

Using Rowers there are three main ways to communicate effectively with your team…

Via Groups

When you set up your Team on Rowers we automatically create a group with all the athletes and coaches, this enables you to message the whole team immediately. We recommend that you create other groups in order to streamline your communication. Whenever you post on the wall on these groups, everybody will receive an in-app notification as well as an email with a link to the post. These posts can contain images, documents, and video. So you can easily share content from your phone very easily.

No more having to manage email lists


Training Sessions

When you create a training session you will add the appropriate athletes and coaches to it. This then gives you a channel with which to communicate to all who are due to come to training. Again here you can attach a video that you took with your phone straight onto the session.

No more having to manage email lists


Managing Attendance

Painlessly knowing who is coming to the training, simply by looking at the training session on the app. No more searching around to see who has checked in. Also on the training session, you have the added bonus of managing the roster for training – full explanation here


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