Rowers_Macbook_Wall_UploadSince starting we’ve wanted to ensure that all vital information about training and related data was all in one place. However there was one slice of the pie that was missing until now. Documents, images and videos.

In there are several walls which can be used by athletes and coaches to communicate around training sessions, events or just general club communication. Now the video from the session can be uploaded and viewed on the session, or the trailer plan for the next race can be shared easily.

This is not the only improvement to the wall. We’ve also added the ability for you to embed YouTube or Google Drive videos onto the walls. This means that you can continue using both as your main video storage and still have that training video associated to the right session for all to see.

If you are interested in trying next season please get in touch with us via or register today and give it a go. is an online platform making rowers lives better. Access your training program, communicate with your team, see your data and track your progress all in one place.