We introduced notes into Rowers to make it easier to all your training information in one place. Now you can make notes in both the Android and the iOS apps.

Notes can be collected for a specific session or a specific day. Within the session you will see at the bottom of the page a notes session. When a note is written it will appear hear on the session. To add a note to a session is easy, via the + button you are able to select add note.

Notes for a specific day can be added by pressing the + (iOS) or the 3 dots (Android). This note can be edited multiple times during the day. Letting you note your thoughts throughout the day.

On all the notes you are able to upload pictures, files and videos, as well as embedding videos from YouTube or Google drive.

The notes that you make on a session or day are private and only visible to you. We know how important it is to keep your thoughts private and this allows you to note the good and bad parts of any session.

We have also made it easy to find the notes you’ve taken by adding a separate page with all your notes in the apps. In the more menu there is a notes section. Your notes will appear here in chronological order, with your latest note displayed first. If a note was written on a session, it will show which session it is related to.

You can start using notes today on all three Rowers apps: Web, iOS and Android. Notes are available to coaches and athletes on all Rowers tiers.