Performance Insights,Quicker Communication and Easier Planning

Unlock the full potential of your team - track athlete performance, communicate smoothly and plan effortlessly

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  • Track Progress

    Make smarter coaching decisions through measured performance data

    Implement training changes based on performance insights on time to ensure the maximum pace of athlete improvement and allow your team to consistently outperform others.

    • Individual and Team performance insights to personalize training
    • Access historical performance data to uncover trends
    • Create a winning culture of inclusion where athletes understand the coaching process
    • Small tweaks in training that get you the edge
    • Peak for race day
  • Plan Ahead

    Plan ahead to perform your best when it matters

    Streamline your planning and keep everything on track - prevent setbacks and avoid oversight.

    • Integrate team data in one place to save time planning and communicating
    • Easily write training plans by creating favorite sessions
    • Prevent injury and minimize days of lost training sessions
    • Track training intensity over time and within each session
    • Visualize data through advanced reports
  • Save Time

    The coaches’ coaching tool

    Makes your life as a coach easier by allowing you to focus on coaching instead of dealing with admin work and juggling between platforms to efficiently communicate with your team.

    • Save several hours of repetitive work every week
    • Communicate smoothly with your team in one place
    • Instant updates to athletes on training plans and crew changes
    • Track attendance to proactively manage training sessions

We introduced Rowers into our program as part of our effort to simplify team communications, streamline data collection, create transparency across the squad and increase our athletes personal tracking of their performances and progress. Rowers has helped us meet these goals with their intuitive platform.

Henry Palmer,
Head Coach Boston College

Team performance excellence powered by data and communication
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