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google-play-badge is a data technology platform – built by rowers, for rowers – designed to enhance all aspects of your training, analysis and organisation.

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Plan your program

Whether you’re planning for the week ahead or for the whole season, works with your complete training plan to track all your activities and provide daily progress reports.


Keep in touch with your team to ensure that everyone is always on the same page.

Get instant feedback

Athletes want feedback, and need to be able to see how they are improving – enables them to do so.

Key Features

Dive into detail
Go further with detailed training plans, events, reports, squads, group chats and other tools to take your preparation, planning and analysis to the next level.

Manage your program
Provides an overview of sessions, attendance, events and notifications right at your fingertips.

Track, Analyse, Visualise
Understand and use detailed data in order to progress and improve.

Used by the best in the world

  • “We LOVE so thanks for all of the work you guys are doing.”
    Jennie Farmer
    Sir William Perkins' School
  • Vesta is a rowing club full of athletes and coaches working in full-time employment as well as committing most evenings and mornings to training. Time is at a premium, therefore using a service like allows club members to focus on work rather than on the admin of score logging, reviewing and planning.
    Harry Bond
    Vesta Rowing Club
  • We introduced into our program as part of our effort to simplify team communications, streamline data collection, create transparency across the squad and increase our athletes personal tracking of their performances and progress. has helped us meet these goals with their intuitive platform.
    Henry Palmer
    Boston College

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